Front Porch Salute July 25th-August 8th

The festival may be canceled,  but we can still show our support during what would have been,  The Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival 2020.  Please join in with neighbors, businesses, apartments, condos, anything seen from the outdoors!  Transform your porch, deck, front door, yard, or window with patriotic colors and decorations!  Show everyone how much the men and women of the Coast Guard are appreciated and celebrated!  Email your pictures to [email protected] (including your address which will not be posted on social media).  We will post only the pictures!  Some decorations may get special attention so the more extravagant the better!  We can’t wait to see all the spectacular designs!  Please click here for more information: Rules and Regulations


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Meijer Moments July 25th-August 8th

The United States Coast Guard will not be in attendance due to the canceled  2020 Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival,  but they are still working and protecting us!  Watch our Facebook and Instagram accounts for video clips and photographs of the greatest military branch as they continue to work and fight for our freedom.  We will highlight different missions so everyone remembers why we hold this fantastic event every year.

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Coastie Christmas Party (invite only) – December 2020

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Letter From the Executive Director

The public celebration, now canceled, has been an essential funding source for these yearly support activities. With no revenue from the Carnival rides, our Food Vendors and our event sponsors, our annual operating budget has been drastically reduced. Now the festival is counting on long standing partnerships and generous public donations to keep us on track with our promised missions.

Now more than ever before, we need to support our Heroes who are working hard everyday to protect and defend our nation. Just last week, the crew of the USCGC JAMES working in cooperation with other federal agencies, seized over $408 million dollars of illegal drugs entering our national waters. While elsewhere in the world, boaters are being rescued, tankers are being inspected, arctic exploration is being pursued, harbors are being protected and environmental spills are being cleaned up and monitored by the U.S. Coast Guard. Those are everyday missions for the professional team of Coast Guard personnel all over this country and in over twenty foreign nations too.

Please consider joining our Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival Team in any way you can, while we continue in our mission to recognize, lift up and support the heroes of the United States Coast Guard.

The 2020 Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival pins are available as part of a partnership with our Downtown Development Authority and Chamber businesses. Please support our local merchants and receive your collector’s pin today. Every purchase locally supports a healthy hometown economy and shows we can get through this together!  Thank You!

If you would like to join our Friends Together Sponsorship, please click here:  https://www.coastguardfest.org/product/friends-together-online-form/

If you would like to support the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival as they recognize the men and women of the Coast Guard with a monetary donation, please click here:  https://www.coastguardfest.org/support/

If you would like to support the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival as we create a memorial in Don Rempinski’s name, as it relates to the Retirees’ Dinner, please click here: https://www.coastguardfest.org/retirees-dinner/

We’re excited to return July 30 to August 8, 2021